UITableViewCell with UITextView height in iOS 7? 01 Jul 2016    9

How can I calculate the height of an UITableViewCell with an UITextView in it in iOS 7? I found a lot of answers on similar questions, but sizeWithFont: takes part in every solution and this method is deprecated! I know I have to use - (CGFloat)table

React-native slow on android 5.1.1 but great on old 5.1 01 Jul 2016    2

We have developed a react-native (v0.17.0) application for both iOS and Android. The iOS version is very responsive on physical devices. On Android devices I see a tremendous amount of variability. On Android version 5.1 the app is super responsive.

Dagger not initializing injected field in Android 01 Jul 2016    1

Started introducing Dagger into my App and I'm having problems getting a very basic field initialized. Here's a reduced version of my code: @Inject public DaggerUtils daggerUtils; public class AppState extends Application { @Override public void onCr

Any workaround for iOS8 bug that affects HTML Select inside UIWebView (e.g. Cordova, PhoneGap)? 01 Jul 2016    1

So there is a major unresolved issue with iOS8 UIWebView, which basically means Cordova apps using the Select element are extremely prone to crash. This is a major unresolved issue and has been open for several months The bug can be reproduced by cre

.getCurrentListViews() method is not available in Robotium for Iterating through list textview. 01 Jul 2016    1

I want to access the list view child textview value in Robotium test class, through this documentation http://controlingquality.blogspot.in/2011/08/playing-with-android-application.html i see these lines to access textview ListView lvResults = solo.g

Crosswalk integration with cordova 01 Jul 2016    1

I have integrated crosswalk with cordova in my ADT project as mentioned in the following URL Do I have to make any other change in my cordova project/Code in order to use crosswalk webview instead of the original android webview?1 AnswersIf you are u

Adding Robotium for all test projects 01 Jul 2016    1

Every time while i test the application using Robotium , i need to navigate to test project properties and add it to the project,whenever i am configuring new test projects i need to add it every time is it there any other way to install Robotium and

Query places api for business venues in given area which contain panoramas? 01 Jul 2016    1

In my Android application I would like to have a list of business places that have panoramas in given area (lat,lng). Is that possible in current api? I haven't found it in current api docs (https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/search#Pla

Wrong UIActionSheet layout in popover 01 Jul 2016    1

Wrong UIActionSheet layout in popover
I've got an UIActionSheet with a single button that I show in a popover. In landscape mode there is a plenty of space around the popover, so that it displays with an arrow in the middle and everything is fine: In portrait the popover has to be displa

Android / Robolectric frame work - Instantiated activity returns null on getResource 01 Jul 2016    1

This has to do with using the Robolectric framework for unit testing on android. I'm getting a null pointer exception on code which has no problem when running normally. I'm just starting on the roboelectric, so it's probably pretty simple. Here is t

Why does UIPinchGestureRecognizer couldn't recive Ended state? 01 Jul 2016    2

I have 4 gesture recognizers for 1 view. - (void)createGestureRecognizers { UITapGestureRecognizer *singleFingerSingleTap = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(handleSingleFingerSingleTap:)]; singleFingerSingleTap.num

How to change the background color of the info area on a ImageCardView? 01 Jul 2016    2

How to change the background color of the info area on a ImageCardView?
I am trying to change the background color of the infoArea on an ImageCardView in the Android Leanback Library when the card is selected. Currently what I have tried is changing the background in the OnItemViewSelectedListener. This changes the backg

MPMoviePlayerController and HTTP Live Streaming 01 Jul 2016    4

every one. I'm trying to figure out how to play live stream using MPMoviePlayerController. For testing i'm using Apples test stream sample http://devimages.apple.com/iphone/samples/bipbopall.html. It's perfectly working in UIWebView, but i can't make

XCode :7 App installation failed :A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found 01 Jul 2016    1

XCode :7 App installation failed :A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found
I have already searched and almost implemented max solution but it's not installing any app even though if I am creating just sample single view app. Please, let me know what I can do to fix this issue.1 AnswersI have same problem now.I checked my pr

Google Espresso: Do I need application code in my workspace along with test project? 01 Jul 2016    1

I am not Android developer and I am evaluating Google Espresso tool for my mobile testing. Do I need application that I want to test to import and run in Eclipse or can I only install APK and read IDs from source code (like when you do e.g. Selenium

Instagram pagination deprecation warning in response when calling tag search api 01 Jul 2016    1

I am getting below response when calling tag search api, My api call is https://api.instagram.com/v1/tags/selfie/media/recent?access_token=Token { data = ( ); meta = { code = 200; }; pagination = { "deprecation_warning" = "next_max_id and m

Creating a “smooth” flat surface from multiple blocks in Spritekit 01 Jul 2016    1

Creating a “smooth” flat surface from multiple blocks in Spritekit
I'm trying to write an iOS game with Spritekit and Swift and this is my first question on stackoverflow :) To simplify my problem and my constraints, let's say I have two rectangle SKShapeNodes (my level) with the same height which are completely sid

Background service needs to send GPS location on server 01 Jul 2016    1

I have problem with my Android application. I need an application that will send in background GPS location every 10 minutes to the server (here I have WCF service that work). Application needs to send data even if it is closed. So I created a servic

Parse Issue: Expected Identifier ios 01 Jul 2016    2

I've been staring at my code for an hour trying to find this issue... I was wondering if I could get another set of eyes. for (int i = 0; i < [_arrayOfHeaders count]; i++) { ((UITextField*)[mySingleton.arrayHeaders objectAtIndex:i]).text = [((UITextF

Navigate to other page IocContainers and MVVM light 01 Jul 2016    1

I'm making a windows universal 10 application with MVVM light. But now I will, if I click on an item on the ShowWeatherPage be navigate to ShowWeatherDetailPage for more details about the clicked item. But I don't know how I can do this. Can you help